Vi har ett stort sortiment av olika fotoalbum såsom album med plastfickor, fotoalbum med kartongblad för att klistra in och olika slags tillbehör till ditt album som fotolim, fototejp, fotohörn, syrafria kartongblad mm

Welcome to Grafi Foto in Gothenburg and find a suitable photo album for your photos

Nothing like the feeling of browsing a beautiful photo album where someone has spent hours creating the true feeling.
The photographer has collected his pictures from a special occasion and put them into an album, perhaps written small comments and decorated the pages a little extra.

A photo album gives you secure storage of your favorite photos in a beautiful album. For image sizes such as 11 x 15 cm, 10 x 15 cm and 10 x 10 cm.

We have a wide range of photo albums in different sizes and variants, with plastic pockets for quick insertion or "paste-in" albums for the creative.
The store also has accessories such as photo glue, double-sided tape, photo corners and pens that attach to photos.

Du kan även köpa fotoalbum och tillbehör till ditt album såsom fotolim, pennor mm. 

Anna, Joakim, Pia & Jan

Grafi Photo - etabl. 1947

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> Fotolim, fototejp, pennor mm.

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Grafi Foto - A family business since 1947

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Grafi Foto - A family business since 1947

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Grafi Foto - A family business since 1947

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