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Valid ID, passport, visa and driving licence photos. Order easily and have 4 photos sent to your home, or get a digital file sent to your email. Delivery in 2 working days.

1. Ta ett foto
2. Gör dina val nedan/gör din beställning
3. Ladda upp din bild
4. Betala med Swish, kort, faktura eller delbetalning.
5. Få godkända foton i din brevlåda inom 2-3 dagar, alternativt bilder till din mail, om du valt digitalfil.
(Vid val av endast digitalfil, välj alternativet “hämta i butik” vid betalning, annars läggs porto på din betalning)

Do this:
- Take a photo of yourself. Take a picture of yourself against a light background with no shadows.
- Make sure you have extra space around your face and let your shoulders show.
- Stand close to the wall to avoid shadows behind you.
- Make sure you have good, even lighting from both sides of you. Use a flash. Avoid strong lighting from the ceiling.
- Your face and eyes should be visible and clear. Keep your eyes on the camera. Neutral facial expression.
- Remember not to use any kind of filter from e.g. Instagram, Snapchat. Those pictures will not be approved by the authorities.
- Use the rear camera lens if you are shooting with a smartphone, it has better resolution.

Ask someone to take the picture for you for better results. We always check the image before we press.

Photo requirement for driving licence:
- The photo must be taken from the front at eye level.
- The eye must be directed towards the camera.
- Both pupils must be clearly visible (no shadows).
- The image must be sharp.
- The image is well-shaped.
- Flat background.
- No headgear may be worn in the picture unless for religious reasons.

Photo requirement for Visa / Passport:
- The photo must be taken from the front.
- The mouth must be closed.
- The eyes must be directed towards the camera.
- Both pupils are clearly visible (not in shadow).
- Sharpness of the image.
- The image is well resembled.
- Flat background.
- No headgear may be worn in the picture.

Swedish passports are only taken at the passport police
After you have made the selections below and paid for your order, you can either upload the image here or send it in an email to lab@grafifoto.se
NOTE! Don't forget to include your order number so we can trace the image back to your order.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drop your image here to upload. In case of problems, please email your image to lab@grafifoto.se - Don't forget to include your name. Allowed file formats: .jpg, .tif, .png If you have a newer iPhone (iPhone 12 and newer) the file format is HEIC, it is not supported, please email the image to us instead. But complete your order below:


License plate images online
Take your portrait photo yourself with your mobile camera, upload the photo to us and we will deliver 4 approved hard copies or
a digital file to your email.

You can also upload your image for:
Visa | Passport* | International Driving Licence
Other identification documents such as:
Transport service | Driver's license | Disability permit | Taxi card |
Hunting licence | Moped licence | Passport photo for animals | Scooter licence | Service licence | Tuition card| Grading card, etc.

* Swedish passports are only taken at the Passport Police.

ID cards - First check with your bank that they still make ID cards,
otherwise make an appointment with the passport police or tax office for your ID card.

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Bor du i Göteborg med omnejd är du självklart välkommen in till vår butik, pris inkl. fotografering från 290 kr
Efter du har gjort valen nedan och betalat din order så kan du antingen ladda upp bilden här eller skicka den i ett mail till lab@grafifoto.se
OBS! Glöm inte ange ditt ordernummer så vi kan härleda bilden till din beställning.

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