Passepartout 30x40cm Off White

59,00 kr

Passepartout 30x40cm offwhite for image dimensions 20x30cm
passepartout's inner dimensions 19x29cm

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Passepartout 30x40cm Off White.
Fits frame dimensions 30x40cm and picture dimensions 20x30cm
passepartout inner dimensions 19x29cm

Passepartouter for beautiful framing

There are several purposes for inserting a cardboard frame into the frame. The first thing that you think about with passpartourer is of course that they are beautiful.
A passe partour makes the image you frame better in focus and one can reinforce the impression of the art by choosing the right color and material on your passpartour.
Perhaps even more important is that art is actually protected in this way.
As the image you frame gets a buffer in the form of passpartå, it will not touch the glass.
This will be important as it may hang for a long time and thus risk getting stuck and dusting with the frame glass.