Tolpagorni Poster

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Poster "Tolpagorni" by photographer Kristian Holst

Tolpagorni is the most eye-catching top you meet when you enter the valley Ladtjovagge. Located between Singitjåkka and Kebnetjåkka, Tolpagorni forms a clear silhouette against the sky with Vierramvare in the background.

Tolpagorni is 1662 meters high and at the top there is a depression in the mountain, just below the top. This depression is round like a cauldron, and resembles a volcanic crater; the mountain, however, has no volcanic origin. During the spring, meltwater gathers in a lake on the bottom, which then flows over the edge of the cauldron and into the valley below. In the crater there are remnants of a niche glacier.

To the east of the mountain, Kittelbäcken flows down to join láddjujohka.
Source: Wikipedia

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